Hello Jekyll!

Well, yes, this is one of those classic Hello World posts. After hosting my blog with various blogging platforms I think I am finally ready to settle with Jekyll. Not mentioning the fact that during those blogging platform transitions I lost numerous good & bad quality blog posts because I didn’t have the proper back up mechanism in place.


Hosting Jekyll is relatively easy considering it just spits out HTML content. Any place I can host HTML is a valid option for Jekyll. Github Pages can be a great option but because of the all flexibilities and my recent experiences I decided to go with the Netlify this time. It was just a matter of Github repository import and that’s it. Each commit triggers a new build, and you have a bunch of options from A/B testing on branches to functions and forms…

Content is in markdown

This is probably one of the biggest selling points for me. I already know markdown and it won’t get in my way while I write content. I also always know that I can fallback to HTML when I need something that Markdown can not satisfy. Only thing I am not happy is I don’t like writing my blog posts inside some editor where visualization is really limited. (that was actually the reason I decided to use Ghost for a period) Netlify CMS seems like a good option for this, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Owning your content

As I said in the beginning after numerous platforms to host blog I came to realize that it is best to fully own the content. I know that my content backed up by Git&Github and available under _posts directory in markdown format. I can do whatever I want with it.

I know what Jekyll does

I feel like home when I know what piece of tech does under the hood. With Jekyll, it is just a matter of some pre-processing plus file&directory conventions. My Jekyll setup is not the most complicated just usual suspects _posts, _layouts and a bunch of _includes and that’s it.

No need to deal with security patches and updates

This is a problem especially if you are hosting platform yourself. (e.g. Wordpress, Ghost) I am already doing these kinds of stuff 9to5 at work I don’t want to deal with this for my personal website and blog. I only want to focus writing and creating content rest should be delegated.

Written on March 3, 2014