Readings for September 2021

Three books are on my reading list this month.

The first one is called `Staff Engineer: Leadership beyond the management track` by Will Larson. The book is focusing on Staff+ roles and includes lots of interviews and some tips. There are not many books on this topic and I thought it would be a good use of time, so far so good.

The second book is actually about Python language, I have read the book in the past but since it has been a long time that I haven’t done any Python work, I need a little refresher. It’s `Learning Python` by Mark Lutz. Beware it’s a gigantic book and it can easily take a couple of months to go through all and it is not for beginners. Don’t put off by the last print date 2013, the book is actually revised very recently for Python 3.X. I think it is a really good book but not everyone’s cup of tea as it is a little bit repetitive and sometimes verbose but if you finish the whole book you are set.

The third book is again about Python but something more practical. It’s `Python Cookbook` by David Beazley. I like to do a parallel reading on the same topic so that I can either get different teaching styles or perspectives from different authors. Even though it is a cookbook, it is not one of those ‘here is how you can do that with language X’ sort of book. It teaches idiomatic Python code for a particular problem and goes through the details of each step.

Written on September 21, 2021